Declutters Delight for Life: It‘s about life

Shawanda Randolph: Seek refuge

Shawanda’s troubled childhood caused her deep wounds that she has struggled to heal. She refuses to be a victim, defined by her past but to be an instrument to a refined future. By helping others, she hopes to use her pain as a catalyst for change and empower other women heal from their pain.

Maureen Gatz-Faubert: Mindful and in-charge

Maureen has an abundance of experience and wisdom which she generously shares in this interview. Her difficult journey with her health made her more aware and mindful of her body's state. Now more than ever, she's been interested in (w)holistic healing and nutrition. She can't stress how important it is to be proactive in taking care of yourself.

Meredith Siget: No way but up

Meredith had a rough time of it when she was younger. She struggled with her mental health. She knew she needed help, but didn't know where to go. Eventually she managed to get her life on track with a support system that helped her cope with anxiety.

Philip Horrod: Fill that void

Philip, a successful entrepreneur and a Christian, has started a company that coaches people on how to deal with burnout. It's real, challenging yet it's recoverable. With hard work and faith, he believes that trusting the process will greatly impact one's disposition and mindset.

Sue LB: Choose your focus

Sue LB's learned a lot being a parent with her children's struggles. One of the most important thing is to take time for yourself. Sometimes, it can be hard to accomplish all the tasks needed to be done in a day. Keeping the balance is a work in progress yet you reap the rewards for yourself, your family and your career.

Pearl Howie: Be self-aware, then go beyond yourself

In life, we all have to learn from our mistakes. That's easy enough, but being able to find the courage and belief in yourself is a lot harder. Pearl decided she wanted a safe space from her childhood. And she reclaimed it by traveling. She found direction and passion – but sometimes, it can be hard to trust other people. Her journey didn't stop there but in realizing more to life's discomfort.

Kristi Jacques: Take your health with heart

Kristi's story is an inspirational journey that encourages people to take control of their health, no matter how serious the diagnosis. Her journey with diabetes started in her teens. All throughout her life she's been adopting a healthy lifestyle centered on proper nutrition, exercise and spiritual consciousness. She has embraced the lifestyle change necessary to live a fulfilling life. Her experience, passion and motivational approach towards wellness is unique. Kristi takes a heartfelt interest in others’ dreams for a better life through a healthy lifestyle.

Lauren Dreher: Own who you are

Self-help can be a broad term - it includes self-discovery, personal development and spirituality.   Lauren's path touches on these things throughout her life. It's important to be comfortable with who you are and to find people in your life who support you and help you find joy. It's just as essential to remember that you decide your own journey and your own identity, and that there's no value in blaming others for what you do.

Andrea Robinson: Fear lets us seek help, take action

So if you ask God for help, it is given. Focus to try to find your purpose in life, and never give up. Live it and take actions steps. Maybe you will make mistakes, but do not let them get in the way of your goal. Let your fears guide you to seek higher power.

Katie Chonacas: This is a conversation, and it‘s yours

Open your mouth and say something. If you don't, the words will just hang there with an echo that will never fade. If you do, you'll find that there is a lot of noise out here already, and every voice matters. And beyond the noise, beyond the voices of strangers and friends alike, there's a chance you'll find what it is you're looking for.

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