Declutters Delight for Life: It‘s about life

Anna Stauffenberg: Misfit to mission

Anna moved around a lot as a kid. She was constantly uprooted and had to start relationships anew. She's always been the spritely, vibrant girl but now turned into isolation at most, causing self-harm. A spiritual awakening led her to reboot her ways and carry on with her life and her business of giving back to her community.

Ben Maron: Embracing all of me

Ben was raised in a happy family and enjoyed his childhood. His journey takes him to confront challenging relationships where he also discovered his passion in teaching others. With a spiritual focus, he adapts different types of healing to target core issues with the proper approach. Still, he believes The Divine is the all-powerful healer.

Cheryl Grainger: Trusting God in hard times

Cheryl has had a tough life, having to deal with many health issues. Yet she trusted God to help her and has enjoyed her senior years more than ever before. She went through many health problems and went through them all in faith. Now, she helps other people get the same fulfillment she has.

Amy Novotny: Selfless from within

Regardless of the condition of their health, family members are very special to one another. This is true for Dr. Amy Novotny and her family when she learned early on in life how to take care of her mom. She persevered and sacrificed her time so she could assist her. There was never any hate nor doubt in spite of this but simply more love and care. Amy continued on to pursue higher purpose by helping others with their medical needs.

Matthew Burgess: Unmasking your life

Matthew has been struggling his entire life, and he is ready to break free from this prison that has kept him from being the person he's meant to be. His childhood was spent following rules, but as an adult he is ready to take some risks and seek out the life that he wants for himself.

Reece Arundell: Finding your way in the world

Reece's parents split up when he was young. He had to learn to be more independent at an early age. His classmates bullying him didn't help with his situation too. He supported himself and helped his family. But then he realized that the path he'd taken then wasn't doing it quite for him. He wanted something different, something of his own and he is forging his impact to the society.

Adam Fleming: Strive for purpose

Adam is a leadership coach who has learned over time that finding your purpose is a lifelong journey that you should welcome and savor. He has found that having clarity about your purpose is essential in creating your impact and making meaningful contribution to the world.

Jonathan McLernon: Communicate with confidence and authority

Being smart and expressing your thoughts can get you noticed. Jonathan was always the lead in brainstorming. He took on new challenges to learn of his own strengths and limits. He knew what he wanted to accomplish and did not waiver from the path. He took pride in being a goal-oriented person by keeping an eye towards how he would achieve his objectives.

Jenea Frederick: Labels don‘t define you

Jenea was a reserved kid growing up, and tried to bottle up her emotions. It's a struggle to communicate else she'll be misunderstand. With her life experiences, she's learned to be more in touch with her feelings and grow roots for the purpose she's meant to fulfill.

Vanessa Mary: What was lost is now found

Vanessa was a young girl in the foster care system. She was taken from her mom when she was little due to circumstances out of their control. This caused her emotional trauma as a child growing up in an already complicated society. Her journey is deeply rooted in faith - in herself, in her support system, in Him above.

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